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If you’ve always wanted to bang the girl next door or the cheerleading captain, Dakota is your girl. She is a very classy girl; she never wears her skirts too short, she doesn’t swear and pays her bills on time. She’s the kind of girl who you might even think is a cocktease but we assuring you she is good on the follow through. She simply likes to take things a little slow but that’s ok…the bigger the buildup, the more explosive the release! If you are looking for an angelic lady to give you the complete girlfriend experience, Dakota will take good care of you. She loves kissing and foreplay but after awhile the horny slut makes an appearance. She would love to suck your cock and play with your balls while she does so. If you want a walk on the wild side, let her spread your cheeks and tongue your asshole. She is open minded and loves trying new things so be sure to share all of your wildest and most twisted fantasies with her.

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