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If I am unavailable, please call one of our Dispatchers at:
1-800-616-6357, 1-866-307-5044, 1-888-468-1090, or 1-888-739-2060.
They will help you find another girl.

My Personal Website: CallStarlette.com
My Email: CallStarlette@yahoo.com
My Yahoo and AIM Messengers: CallStarlette
My Blog: http://www.fuk-n-fun.blogspot.com/


Hey there, I'm Starlette - or maybe I should say, a Starlette Wannabe. Okay, as you've probably guessed, Starlette is my stage name - But only my most "intimate" friends know my real one.

I'm a 5'4", brown-eyed blonde with a fleshy, bouncy 42-24-36 figure.

Originally from Texas, I came to hollywood because I hoped to be a star. But, while waiting to be discovered, I've found a more appealing, and fun, way to earn a living than waiting on tables!

Okay, I admit, I love sex anyway it cums. I'm a hot, sexy girl who loves to please as much as be pleased.

Let me practice my trade on you. I can be your dream girl, your playt oy, your mommy , your slut - just name a role, and let me prove my abilities! In Hollywood they don't ask how do you do, but who do you do...and I want to do YOU!

Even if I never make it in Hollywood, I know I can make it in your bed. I haven't given up on my dreams - and I would love to play a leading role in yours.


  My Rates:

20 Minute Time Blocks / $40
$2.50 Per Minute
2-Girl Calls / $3.99 Per Minute
3-Girl Orgy Calls / $5.99 Per Minute
Calls Outside The U.S.A. / $3.99 Per Minute


(10-Minute Minimum)

Calls Will Be Billed As "Chloe Enterprises"

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